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South Devon offers fantastical landscapes, beaches, and water sports. It’s a renowned foodie haven that’s filled with small towns and a thriving community. The many residents of South Devon are also art enthusiasts, and you can tell based on their high-quality galleries alone!

10 of the Best Art Galleries in South Devon

If you’re looking for more options, you can shop at an online art gallery like Singulart. But if you’re more interested in checking out a few select pieces in person, keep reading below.

1. MAKE Southwest

In Bovey Tracey is MAKE Southwest, formerly known as Devon Guild of Craftsmen. It’s an acclaimed exhibition space where people of all ages can learn about contemporary craft. Currently, the gallery hosts 3 exhibition galleries and over 20 exhibitions every single year.

2. Paper Bird Island

Paper Bird Island is a beautiful shop that sells artwork, gift wraps, cards, and craft materials. Originally in Salcombe on the shore of Batson Creek, the company is looking to move into a new location. However, they’re still keeping the spirit alive by continuing in takeaway form.

3. Salcombe Art Club Gallery

The Salcombe Art Club Gallery, located close to the original Paper Bird Island property, is an art gallery and art school. Their famous summer exhibit always happens near the end of May, and admission is free. You’ll see plenty of local names in the gallery, including Caroline Barker.

4. Bovey Paradiso

The Bovey Paradiso is in, you guessed it, Bovey Tracey. It’s a community-owned arts center with a well-established artists' studio and art gallery. They recently finished their restoration of the building, so you can check out their art gallery and exhibitions throughout the summer. 

5. River Dart Gallery 

The River Dart Gallery is located in the heart of the village of Stoke Gabriel. Nestled on the historic River Dart on the southwest coastline, you’ll get to see stunning pieces framed against a setting sun. All artwork located inside the exhibit was created by Kirsty and Jason Browning. 

6. Red Propeller Gallery

The Red Propeller Gallery was opened by Sarah & David Anslow in Kingsbridge in 2006. Known for showing contemporary works, the gallery is fond of all kinds of urban fine art. You can see plenty of challenging and thought-provoking pieces at their exhibits, art shows, and art fairs.

7. The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery in Ashburton is one of the finest art galleries outside of London. It showcases many original pieces and prints by Rober Lenkiewicz, as well as other figurative and landscape artists. They also host workshops, exhibits, events, and courses.

8. Brownston Art Gallery

If you’re ever in Modbury, you should check out Brownston Art Gallery. It has a nice variety and range of artistic works that change regularly and plenty of exhibitions. There’s also a gift shop where you can buy prints of most of the featured prints or photos of the included statues.

9. Rowbury Gallery Salcombe

Salcombe residents really get to experience art in new and exciting ways, but this pick is slightly controversial. Rowbury is more akin to a furniture store than an art gallery, but it features so much art that it had to make the list. Visit their gallery and pick up a pillow while you’re there.

10. Words and Pictures Gallery

The Words and Pictures Gallery is found in Teignmouth. No matter when you’ll visit, you’ll get to experience a whole host of events and unique art pieces. On their website, you can see the type of prints they have for sale, which is pretty high-tech compared to other large-sized galleries.





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