How to Visit South Devon Considerately

As we emerge from lockdown and restrictions on our daily lives are eased, you can start to look forward to visiting some of your favourite places again. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back, as much as you are looking forward to visiting, but anyone looking to come to South Devon should be aware that a day trip or holiday won’t be quite the same as before. A number of government guidelines are still in place and should be followed to protect local people, the South Devon community and fellow visitors as well as yourselves. 

Below we’ve covered a few things which you should keep in mind when visiting or planning a visit to South Devon, as we emerge further from lockdown. 


Some locations in South Devon will be re-opening quicker than others, welcoming visitors back before others do, while some will need a little longer before you can visit again. As we emerge from lockdown you’ll be able to love parts of South Devon in person, whilst following the current guidelines, but other parts will still need to loved from afar for a little bit longer.  

Follow the Guidelines

To make sure you keep yourself and the people who live and work in the area you are visiting safe, it’s important to always follow the current government guidelines. 

Know the Guidelines

Guidelines might not be the same in different parts of the UK. Before visiting a different area it’s always important to make sure you know and understand the current guidelines and crucial that you follow them. The latest guidelines can be found here.

Visit the Countryside and Coast Responsibly 

As well as Covid guidelines, many other guidelines and codes are still relevant when going out for a day trip. The Countryside Code sets out how visitors to rural areas can behave safely and the RNLI have details on how to visit the coast responsibly

Find the Countryside Code here

Find the RNLI's information here.

Parking and Litter

Some parking facilities are limited so if your chosen car park is full please don’t park in residential streets or on yellow lines; you are likely to create an obstruction and fines are being issued. And with increased visitor numbers you might find bins getting full quickly, so please take your rubbish home and recycle it properly, don’t leave it on the floor. Even with the current restrictions we still need to make sure we look after the environment. 

Be Prepared 

With restrictions changing and everyone trying to get used to a new normal, it might be wise to take a few minutes and make sure you’ve planned your day out before setting off. Some facilities might not be open and you might have to follow certain advice when arriving or visiting places, a little preparation will ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. 


We're all getting used to having to queue and this isn’t likely to end soon. When visiting the area you’re likely to end up in at least one queue, so make sure you leave extra time for queuing and be prepared to wait to enter somewhere. 

Changes to Road Layouts 

As the government is encouraging us all to walk and cycle more you may find that pop up cycle lanes have appeared and some roads have been closed to make it safer for walks. Before you travel, however well you know the area, or if you’re planning on following a satnav, check your intended route for any possible changes.


With all businesses having to implement increased cleaning and social distancing they will have limited capacity. So you might find that some places which were walk in before, now need to be booked. So check before you travel that booking isn’t needed.  

Plan Your Day 

Every business has it’s busy times and to help customers social distance, manage footfall and allow people to spread out their visits, many have extended their opening times. To help avoid the crowds plan your day to try and make the most of these extra opening hours.  

Bring Hand Sanitiser 

Good hand hygiene is so important. Following a nice walk or after enjoying a take away or picnic you might not be able to find hand washing facilities so make sure you bring some hand sanitising gel with you, so you can use it after eating, touching shared surfaces and at regular intervals.


Be Patient, Considerate and Flexible 

We are all trying to get used to the new normal and venturing in to life out of lockdown, as we get used to how things now are, be flexible and prepared to change your plans and above all be considerate and patient with other people. 

Stay Away from Busy Places

If you arrive somewhere and it’s busy, or it starts getting busy whilst you’re there, and it’s not possible to safely socially distance, be prepared to go elsewhere. This could be a great opportunity to find a new favourite spot in South Devon. 

Be Respectful and Follow Advice

Whatever type of business you visit they’ll all have measures and guidelines in place to be Covid secure, so please be respectful and follow any advice given to you by members of staff or signage. 

Support Local 

We’re all used to shopping and eating in the big brand names, but right now the local, small independent businesses need your support as much as ever. So when visiting South Devon for your day trip, help support the local tourist economy and shop local.  

Go Green

Before the current situation we were all starting to think of the environment more when making travel choices. As we come out of lockdown it’s important we consider the environment as we do. You can help protect the environment by travelling sustainably and staying local, and if you can try to travel by foot or bike. 

Things Might Be Different 

All businesses that are open have made their premises Covid secure. When you get to visit this means that things might look different, you might be given specific instructions when visiting. Some of the things that might have changed and measures being put in place include;  

One Way Systems

Many businesses like pubs, attractions and hotels will be introducing one way systems, where social distancing isn’t possible, so guests and staff can move around more easily. 

Arrival, Check In and Breakfast Times

All businesses will have limited capacity so you might be asked to state an arrival or check in time or have an allocated time slot for breakfasts and meals, so the business can limit bottlenecks and the amount of people in one place at one time. 

Online Tickets and Remote Check In

Many businesses will be implementing online tickets or remote check ins, to help limit the number of people visiting busy receptions and attractions ticket offices. Instructions on how to check in will be provided before you arrive, so make sure you check your booking confirmation and any emails sent to you. 

Welcome Packs

In your accommodation or when you arrive at a pub or café you might be given a welcome pack. These might include wipes or hand sanitiser, throw away menus and information about the measures the business has put in place. 

PPE, Extra Cleaning and Sanitiser Station

All businesses will be putting extra protection measures in place. You might find there are new screens and signage, layouts might have changed and capacity reduced, staff are wearing PPE, extra cleaning is taking place and sanitiser stations are located near entrances and exits. 

General Changes 

You might find that you notice many other changes in businesses which you love to visit like staff working in fixed teams throughout the week or day, opening times might be extended, some facilities might remain closed while others are open and self service buffets might have changed to table service.  

All these measures are being put in place to keep everyone safe, so please follow them and if a member of staff asks you do something please follow their instructions, they are only trying to do their jobs. 

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