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Discover a world where marbles come alive at House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey! Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary event this July, as this unique visitor attraction unveils its latest masterpiece - a magnificent new marble run that will leave you in wonder.

On the 14th of July, as the new marble run takes centre stage, it will become an integral addition to an already remarkable display collection that has made House of Marbles a must-visit destination for tourists year after year. This exclusive unveiling marks the first time in over two decades that a brand-new marble run will grace the site, offering a memorable and captivating experience that is not to be missed.

Imagine the anticipation and excitement as visitors gather to witness the first marbles cascading down the tracks of this fascinating marble run. Prepare to be amazed by the talent and craftsmanship showcased in its creation. Marvel at the intricate maze of trails, ramps and underpasses the marbles navigate - providing a thrilling spectacle for all.

Even if you cannot attend the unveiling event, the newest marble run, affectionately named 'Reflettersi' - meaning 'to reflect on' in the maker's native tongue - will be available for admiration throughout the summer and beyond. Embrace the opportunity to explore the wonder of marbles and share the joy of them in motion with friends and family.

Family at House of Marbles
With a rich history dating back to 1973, House of Marbles has delighted customers with its incredible collection of marbles, toys and games. Their commitment to preserving the art of marble play has shaped the distinctive visitor site you will find today - a place unlike any other. There are countless reasons to visit House of Marbles, including a glassworks studio, a restaurant offering both daytime and evening dining experiences, museums and a gift shop that caters for all ages, tastes and occasions.

Visitors, whether tourists or locals are invited to immerse themselves in the interactive marble runs, triggering the perfect balance of speed, twists and turns with a simple press of a button. Uncover the secrets behind this stunning feature and indulge in the fusion of art, engineering and playfulness at its finest.

Don't miss this chance to witness an unforgettable event that will reignite your love for marbles and leave you yearning for more adventures in the world of play!

House of Marbles are currently celebrating their 50th anniversairy with a number of great workshops, activities and new features, find out more here

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