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Guest Blog Post* - Jessica Perkins

South Devon's rugged coastlines, rolling hills, and quaint villages offer a tableau ripe for exploration. But if you’re caught in the dilemma of truly experiencing the moment versus capturing it for posterity, you need not sacrifice one for the other. Here are 10 ways to chronicle your journey that will help you relive it time after time, without just having to flick through photos on your phone.

Mapping Memories with a Twist

Start by sketching a personalized map, a little like one found in a fantasy novel, to trace your routes and mark each stop with symbols, not just names. A circle for that impromptu picnic, a wave for the day spent surfing. This illustrated journey becomes an amazing, personal reminder of your South Devon days.

Collecting Culinary Keepsakes

During your trip, grab menus or recipes from the eateries you adore. Then, since savouring fresh seafood is a must, why not compile a gastronomic scrapbook with them? Include your own tasting notes or sketches of dishes—transforming meals into mementos that tantalize the taste buds long after the trip ends.

Custom Postcards as Personal Dispatches

Why settle for store-bought scenes when you can craft your narrative? Try photographing South Devon's charm and printing cards to send to friends and family. Each card carries a piece of your story—a greeting from afar that's as unique as your adventure.

A Chronicle in Chalk

At various stops, seek out a slate or a chalkboard — a fixture in many pubs and cafes in this part of the world. Compose a brief, vivid message or draw a simple image that captures your mood or the essence of the location, then snap a photo for an ephemeral yet evocative journal entry. Just ask permission first!

Voices of the Voyage

Here’s a novel idea; record snippets of local dialogue or nature's soundscape on your phone. The cawing gulls, the banter at a market stall, or waves caressing the shore - these audio clips can conjured up an ambient narrative all of their own. And later, they'll transport you back with just a press of play, and could even soundtrack any photo slideshows you make.

Botanical Bookmarking

South Devon's countryside blooms with distinctive flowers. Press the petals or leaves from your walks in a journal. Label them with the date and location—a botanical bookmark of each day's venture. Over time, this collection not only preserves nature's beauty but also the memory of landscapes traversed. Only be sure to avoid picking protected flowers, and stick to common blooms that won’t disrupt the habitat if they go walkabouts.

Rocks That Talk

Each beach and cliff face in South Devon holds geological marvels. Collect a stone from various locales, including the likes of Seaton and Pinhay Bay, using a marker to jot down where each was found. These could contain fossils, but even if they don’t, they’ll anchor your trip as a keepsake.

A Palette of Possibilities

Dip your brush into the colors of South Devon by creating a watercolor travelogue, capturing the shades of the landscape with every stroke. This visual diary goes beyond images—it's an artistic expression of the region's vibrant hues and your own creative spirit.

Timelapse Testimonies

Set up your camera and let the passing of time become a storyteller. A timelapse video from a static point captures the subtle changes of vistas across the county — the ebb and flow of tides at Blackpool Sands, the shifting shadows at Mamhead Obelisk, or bustling village life in Halwell or Staverton. It's motion painting hours into seconds.

Stars in Your Pocket

On clear nights, stars twinkle with stories high above the delightful Devonian countryside. Use an astronomy app like SkySafari to identify constellations and capture screenshots paired with your reflections or experiences from the day. This starry archive creates a cosmic connection between your earthbound adventures and the celestial canopy above.

Final Thoughts

Every journey through South Devon will be replete with experiences that you’ll never forget. With these creative methods, your memories become even more tangible, represented by treasures that have personal significance that’s also eminently sharable. From custom postcards to menu-stuffed scrapbooks, there’s an approach to suit all sorts of holidaymakers, so pick one or try them all on your trip!





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