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Guest Blog Post* - Jessica Perkins

Dartmoor National Park is a sprawling canvas of raw, British beauty which has wowed wanderers for centuries, and even today stands as an ideal backdrop for newlyweds to explore the start of their life together.

Of course, new beginnings often inspire change; for many couples, this includes taking a new surname. Dartmoor offers more than just scenic vistas for your first adventure as a legally united duo (why settle for conventional when you can have extraordinary?). Let's explore how to blend the majesty of Dartmoor with the significance of a name change.

An Unconventional Union, Done the Dartmoor Way

When you change your name after getting married in the UK, it symbolizes a fresh chapter. Dartmoor National Park encapsulates this spirit of renewal and transformation perfectly. Couples seeking more than just administrative formalities can begin their new life together by intertwining the unrivaled wilds of this vast park with their identity.

A name change is no small decision; it is a rite of passage that mirrors the shifting skies above Dartmoor's moorlands, which span 368 square miles of marvelous scenery. Here, while native ponies look on and whispering winds toy with your tousled hair, partners can contemplate this significant step surrounded by an environment that adapts and thrives through seasons – much like a marriage.

While couples soak in the panoramic views from atop a tor, they’re reminded why starting this journey in Dartmoor is more than symbolic – it’s an experience etched into their shared legacy (and perhaps even their passports). Whether choosing to hyphenate or blend surnames to create something entirely new, doing so within these ancient hills provides an unparalleled sense of beginning anew.

Arranging a Few Amazing Dartmoor Activities

Celebrating your union is about crafting shared experiences that forge lasting memories. Dartmoor's rugged terrain and rich history provide a variety of adventures for newlyweds to embark on, including:

  • Stargaze at Haytor: As the cloak of night is drawn around you, the moors unveil a celestial display above. Sharing this blanket of stars offers a moment of reflection and connection in nature’s vast theatre.

  • Picnic by the River Dart: Select a serene riverside spot for an intimate picnic. The gentle flow of water is much like time; it continues forward, as will your lives together.

  • Join a Guided History Walk: Get lost in Dartmoor's past with someone who knows its stories well. The parallels between learning from history and building a future together are palpable.

  • Take Part in Moorland Photography: Capture the beginning of your married life with professional photographs set against some of Dartmoor’s most iconic backdrops.

Each activity serves as more than just enjoyment; it's an opportunity to learn about each other and grow as partners under the watchful gaze of the moors.

Looking to the Past, Planning for the Future

Drawing inspiration from Dartmoor’s historical tapestry, couples can intertwine their love story with the time-honored traditions of this land. Here are a couple of additional activities to consider adding to your itinerary if you’re organizing a trip that’s centered around solidifying your post-wedding name change in this part of the country:

  • Discover Dartmoor Letterboxing: Engage in this historic treasure hunt, a precursor to geocaching that began on these moors. Searching for letterboxes can symbolize the commitment to continue uncovering life's treasures together.

  • Visit Legendary Tavistock Abbey Ruins: Wander among remnants of monastic life, considering how your union will also be a cornerstone for future generations.

Wrapping Up

There are a multitude of reasons to make Dartmoor and South Devon more generally the destination for your newlywed adventures, particularly if you’ve got new names to try out and you want to put them to use in a place that’s as welcoming as it is beautiful.





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