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Devised in Dubai and Held in 'Hevon' 

In 2014, the Round Burgh Island swim was cancelled, and this left a crowd of friends from Dubai Masters Swimming Club feeling let down, so they decided to organize their own event.  Over quite a few glasses of overpriced and indifferent wine (that’s what you drink in Dubai), Patrick, Ruth and Humph set their minds to creating an event that was slightly eccentric, competitive (for those who wanted that sort of thing), not vulnerable to British weather, which ended with a party, and so the Pub2Pub was born.   

We describe the Pub2Pub as a 2.2km swim from The Pilchard Inn with a very fast stream to The Quay, Bantham, followed by a short sharp run up the hill to The Sloop where there is a pint and pasty waiting for every participant.  However, non-runners need not be put off - only the first few participants actually run to The Sloop, most people walk up the lane chatting. 

Initially we wanted to start the Pub2Pub with everyone downing a tot of rum but commonsense prevailed and we decided to hold off the drinking till swimmers arrived at The Sloop.  In the first year, Hurricane Bertha blew through and we proved it was possible to hold the Pub2Pub in all conditions.  Over time the Pub2Pub has grown in popularity and raised over £23,000 for Bantham Surf lifesaving Club (BSLC) and Bantham Sailing Club’s (BSC) Community Learn to Sail Scheme. 

To ensure everyone feels included, each participant chooses a village to represent and so as well as individual prizes (highly coveted Pub2Pub mugs) there is a team prize for the best village (a large tin of chocolates).  The trophies for the fastest man and women were made by Pete Lawrence, a volunteer lifeguard at BSLC, he used 3,000 year old wood retrieved from a bog in Ireland, these gorgeous trophies are kept on display at The Sloop along with the slightly OTT Village Cup.  We’re proud that top swimmers and triathletes swim alongside more recreational participants, including one year a guy in pink shorts with an inflatable crocodile.   

Each year we aim to improve the event, last year we helped The Sloop keep track of how many pints and pasties they had given away by handing out gold dubloons to each finisher.   

You may ask why people living in Dubai created this event? between us we have holidayed in Bantham for over 100 years in total.  Ruth and Humph now live in France, Patrick is still in Dubai but for all of us, Bantham, Thurlestone, West Buckland and Bigbury are part of our souls and where we call 'Hevon'. 

Pub2Pub is back on the 3rd of August at 4:30pm! The 2.2km swim race will go from Pilchard Inn, Burgh Island to The Quay, Bantham with a very generous assistance from the tide. To reach the finish line, swimmers must then do a short run (or brisk walk) upto the Sloop pub in Bantam village. 

All proceeds go to BSLC and BSC learn to sail scheme, with over £23k raised since 2014.

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