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Camping in South Devon is a wonderful experience, and you’ll certainly have enough to do as you explore the picturesque county. That being said you should make sure that you’re fully prepared for your trip, and take particular care to pack the right gear.

While there are many types of gear that you’re going to want to bring along with you, there are some in particular that can be especially useful on a South Devon camping trip:

• Waterproof jacket
Although heavy rainfall is rare in South Devon, you should expect some showers from time to time. As such having a waterproof jacket or two is always a good idea – especially if your trip is during autumn when the rainfall is normally heaviest.

• Sleeping bag
Having a sleeping bag is always a good idea on a camping trip, and you should focus on finding one that is light, easy-to-clean and waterproof. Regardless of the weather that should make it a good fit for South Devon, as it will be easy to carry around, and cope equally well with rainy or slightly hot and humid conditions.

• Cooler
A good cooler is definitely useful when you’re camping and can help keep your food and drinks chilled. While it is up to you whether you prefer a hard-side or soft-side cooler, try to make sure it is waterproof and able to handle the weather. If you want you could check out a cooler on wheels review for further ideas.

• Solar lantern
One of the best things about camping in South Devon is the fact that it has some of the darkest skies in the UK – making it perfect for stargazing. If you want to take advantage of that a decent solar lantern can be useful to carry around at night.

• BBQ grill
The food in Devon is known for being fantastic, so why not take advantage of that and grill some of the local produce. Any decent portable grill should do the trick, and you can find the meat and other ingredients that you need from local shops.

• Hiking boots
Odds are you’re going to want to explore the countryside when you’re in South Devon, and a good pair of hiking boots will make that a whole lot easier. Just be sure you spend some time breaking them in before you actually go on your trip so that you don’t end up with aching feet and blisters.

• Wool socks
Considering the unpredictable weather in South Devon, wool socks are a good idea. Not only can they make it comfortable to walk around and explore the countryside, but at night when the temperature drops they’ll help keep your feet warmer too.

Make no mistake there’s a lot of other gear that should be on your list as well, but the items listed above are especially suited for camping in South Devon. In short it would be a good idea to put them at the top of your list of things to pack – then add to it if necessary.


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