Planning An Ultra-Luxurious Staycation In South Devon.

Guest Blog Post - Jessica Perkins*

South Devon is the perfect location for a sumptuous staycation, proving you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy sun, sea and luxury.

If you’re planning a trip and you want to know how to access some of the high end experiences this region has to offer, read on for an overview of the top things to see and do.

Book a meal at a world class restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants in South Devon for all budgets, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’ll need to book in advance and assign a decent slice of your budget to a special meal.

There are many Michelin starred eateries in the area, including the likes of Lympstone Manor, as well as venues that have yet to receive a star and yet still appear in this prestigious guide, including Andria in Dartmouth and Twenty Seven by Jamie Rogers in Kingsbridge.

Stay at a luxury hotel

Having the right accommodation is also important for a trip to historic South Devon, and again there are plenty of highly rated places to stay.

From the amazing views offered by the Salcombe Harbour Hotel & Spa to the splendour of Boringdon Hall Hotel which is built in a 16th century manor house, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how affordable many of the luxury locations can be, so long as you arrange your trip with time to spare.

Take part in some retail therapy

Shopping is part and parcel of all good luxury holidays, and South Devon has a lot to offer visitors in this regard.

You can shop for luxurious and eternal bands at the jewellery stores of Exeter including Doble and Mortimers. You can head to full-blown malls for an all-encompassing experience, such as Princesshay and Union Square. You can find boutique outlets and artisanal retailers in many of the small towns and villages dotted across the region.

Pack for the beach

If you’re taking a staycation in South Devon, chances are that you’ll be visiting one of the many incredible beaches. As such, you need to pack appropriately, according to your plans as well as the season.

For summer, bring along designer sunglasses to protect your eyes, along with footwear that will be easy to slip on and off so you can feel the sand on your soles at the drop of a hat.

For spring, autumn and winter, be prepared for more variety in the weather, and ensure that as well as lighter clothing, you’ve got waterproofs with you, as well as suitably sturdy footwear that won’t let in the wind and rain if the elements turn on you.

Consider your transport

How you get to South Devon will very much depend on where else in the country you are starting out from. If you live in a place with good rail links, then it’s easy to hop on a train to Exeter, and then rent a car to complete the last miles of your journey by road.

You can also consider flying in to Exeter Airport, which is handy if you’re coming from further afield and you want to minimize the amount of travel time involved.

Having a car to use on your holiday is definitely advisable in either case, as it gives you the freedom to explore as much of South Devon as possible.

So there you have it; the time to start planning your staycation in South Devon has arrived, and you should be prepared to embrace the luxurious side of this beautiful part of the UK.





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