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Guest Blog Post - Jessica Perkins*

If you are in South Devon and are also looking for some amazing breweries and even better beer, then you need to check out some of these independent breweries while you are on your trip! You will find that you are going to be spoilt for choice!

The New Lion Brewery

Not only does this brewery have a very cool name, but it also comes with some wonderful stouts as well. New Lion Brewery is filled with experimental and limited edition beers as well, and while there are some ales and beers that always will remain on the menu, you can hit this brewery every time you make the trip and find something different. Additionally, the New Lion Brewery is also a pillar of the community. Not only do people love to come to the brewery to see all the unique drinks, but also people will grow their own hops at home and then bring them back to the brewery so they can be used for the next line of beers.

Powderkeg Brewery, Woodbury Salterton

Located in Woodbury Salterton, and sitting on the border of East and South Devon, Powderkeg Brewery is one of the fastest growing craft beer businesses of its kind in the region. This recently established (2015) family-run brewery has earned a rep for producing some of the tastiest pale ales around. They offer an ever-changing range of ales of varying strengths and styles (on tap in local pubs and bars), along with bottled low-alcohol beers, pilsners, and craft lagers that are widely available across Devon. Powderkeg mostly sells their beers online on their website, which also showcases a range of merchandise, from Tees to hoodies, caps, and beanies.

Red Rock Microbrewery

Established in 2006, Red Rock brewery is another of South Devon’s independent breweries that craft beer lovers take pride in. Located in Bishopsteignton, the family-run brewery is best known for having an expansive collection of real ales as well as craft beers in different flavours, made using spring water and natural ingredients – and inspired by the local produce and the landscape itself. To sample some of their offerings, you can always pop into their tap bar, which goes by the name “The Old Workshop” – reason being that it’s housed in a converted tractor barn. As you sip your favorite beverage from their fully enclosed beer garden, you also have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of natural attractions like the Teign Estuary and Dartmoor Park.

Salcombe Brewery, Kingsbridge

Situated just off the market town of Kingsbridge, is this top brewery spot in South Devon - Salcombe Brewing Co., which specializes in brewing high-quality drinks using local natural ingredients as well as modern brewing techniques & equipment. An independent, family-owned craft brewer, they focus mostly on cask ales and craft beers produced from their own recipes. They offer regular tasting sessions on-site, allowing you to sample a wide variety of beers with carefully selected accompaniments. The Brewery also has a well-stocked bottle shop where you can purchase some of your favorites and get recommendations for new ones too!

What If You Have An Independent Brewery?

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Explore South Devon’s Breweries and Then Change Your Own

From new flavors to local influences, South Devon has a history that can be easily explored in a bottle. There are plenty of independent breweries all over the area, and all of them are worth a visit because they all have something to offer. Then you can return to your brewery and the drawing board, and can create your own wonderful drinks for your area.





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