Guest Blog Post - Interview: Alasdair Beckett-King brings The Interdimensional ABK to Tiverton in April

With a raft of viral YouTube hits and multiple appearances on Mock The Week under his (vegan leather) belt, Alasdair Becket King is thrilled to return to his first love – stand-up comedy, as he takes his hit show The Interdimensional ABK on the road.

Here, Alasdair answers seven questions about his comedy heroes, how he likes his scones, and why you should come and see his dimension-hopping stand-up comedy show live at Tiverton Community Arts Centre on 29th April 2023.

What is The Interdimensional ABK all about?

The premise of the show is that I come from a parallel universe called the A-timeline where everything is very slightly better. Which is really just an excuse for a lot of silly jokes, some whimsical observations and a bit of multimedia flim-flam. Let's try to make the best of a bad timeline, eh?

What inspired the show?

I had the (extremely self-indulgent) idea of creating my own animated theme tune, in the style of a 1990s kids' show. Having committed oh-so-many hours to animating myself as a dimension-hopping superhero, I really had no choice about turning the Interdimensional ABK into a stand-up comedy tour.

If you could permanently remove just one thing from the B-timeline, what would it be?

I think Newtonian physics should be suspended when it comes to toilet bowls. If there's one place where we don't need an equal and opposite reaction - that's it.

What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

I've done plenty of online comedy, and a little bit of radio and TV too. And, honestly, the best thing about live comedy is an audience laughing. It's banal, it's obvious, but it's true. Laughing emojis are very welcome, but comedians prefer the real thing.

Who are your comedy heroes?

This question always ties me up in knots! How to answer it honestly and still make myself sound like a comedian who sprang fully-formed from the mind of Zeus? I think my comedy influences are pretty obvious - embarrassingly so, at times. Bill Bailey, Maria Bamford, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, Josie Long… I could go on!

Is this your first time in South Devon? Will you have time to explore while you’re here?

As a folklore nerd, I would love to have time to follow in the footsteps of the Devil himself, who left hoofprints in the snow across South Devon in 1855. Apparently he walked over 100 miles in one night! However, I will be travelling by train, so I'll be lucky if I have time to pop into a Costa Coffee before the show.

And finally, how do you like your scones?

I don't know if this will endear me to the people of South Devon, but I really, really hate cream. In all its forms. I wouldn't even bother slicing the scone. Just put the jam on top.

Alasdair Becket King will perform at Tiverton Community Arts Centre on 29th April 2023. To book, visit




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