Dinosaurs in the park, Plymouth

Walking through Central Park in Plymouth on a Sunday afternoon, you might expect to see a few pigeons and maybe a local squirrel or two. For 349 days of the year, it's a place you can stroll through without too much causing a blink of an eye.

But, for three weeks this year, from May 19th – June 11th, the park will be transported back in time – 200 million years back in time, to be precise. Between these dates, visitors to Central Park will be in for a surprise of Jurassic proportions as the space will transform into a prehistoric playground.

With animatronic velociraptors peeking out from behind the park’s leafy greenery, and a large brontosaurus looming amongst the treetops, this certainly won’t be your everyday walk in the park. A total of 40 animatronic dinosaurs will fill the landscape, with stegosaurus, triceratops and dilophosaurus (to name but a few!) lining the Dinosaur Trail.

Dinosaurs? In Central Park?

The dinosaurs will be enjoying their three-week vacation in Central Park courtesy of Dinosaurs in the Park, an immersive, interactive event that aims to educate, delight and entertain families during the May half term.

Visitors will be able to wind their way along the Dinosaur Trail, walking amongst a whole range of life-sized dinosaurs, with the opportunity to solve puzzles along the way and even perform a spot of Jurassic dentistry. That’s right – there's a resident T-Rex just waiting for you to brush its teeth – if you’re feeling brave!

There will be plenty going on, with a special guest appearance from real-life palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax, as well as a food court, fairground rides and trampolines – it's lining up to be a day out to remember!

Who Owns These Jurassic Beasts?

You might be wondering who has these prehistoric beasts sufficiently tamed to put on such a show in Central Park. Well, Sven Schmidt, creator of Dinosaurs in the Park is the one in charge of it all!

Owner of the company ‘German Events’ who also run Mojito Beach Bars, Dinosaur Encounters Mini Golf and the Bristol Christmas Markets, Sven is well versed in creating unforgettable themed experiences.

Now in its second year, Dinosaurs in the Park had an amazing debut in 2022, with guests clamouring for it to return. This year, the event will be visiting three brand new locations, heading to Plymouth before stopping off in Manchester and Cardiff, giving a new set of dino-fans the chance to get in on the fun!

A Day Out 65 Million Years in the Making

Tickets for Dinosaurs in the Park are available from the company’s website and it’s set to be another unforgettable event. Perfect for all the family, don’t miss out on this roar-some day out!

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