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Guest Blog Post - Haldon Forest Park

For your next trip to South Devon, why not break away from the coastal crowds and head inland for a totally different experience?

Haldon Forest Park has put together five reasons why a forest visit is an unmissable stop on your next break.

Immerse yourself in nature: surrounded by towering trees, diverse wildlife, and the sounds of birds, it’s hard not to feel rejuvenated in the forest. No effort is required to feel at one with nature. Simply slow your steps and let your senses come alive to the sights, sounds, and scents. Haldon Forest Park is home to protected habitats and wildlife, such as nightjar, adder, and pearl bordered fritillary butterflies, as well as several species of deer. We recommend visiting earlier in the day or in the evening for the best experience.

Haldon Forest

Dog friendly: dogs are welcome to explore off-lead all year round, with no seasonal restrictions to worry about. Your furry family members are free to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest before a refreshing drink at one of our many freshly topped-up water bowls. We just ask you to follow our simple dog code to make sure everyone has a great time and leaves with a waggy tail.

Haldon Forest Dog Friendly and Mobility Hire

Become an explorer: Haldon Forest Park’s waymarked walking trails offer something for every fitness level with the safety of knowing we’ll guide you back to the car. For guests with limited mobility, our off-road mobility scooters give you full access to the forest. But why stop there? Why not have a go at orienteering with our beginner-friendly course or strike out onto the forest roads and tracks to make an adventure of your own. Look out for fascinating wildlife, secret spots, and breath-taking viewpoints.

Keep it cool: when the weather hots up, the forest is the perfect destination to keep everyone comfortable. Stay cool beneath the canopy with the breeze fluttering through the trees. We can’t think of anything better than a relaxing picnic in the shade. Choose one of many tables scattered around the forest or throw down a blanket in your favourite spot.

Picnic at Haldon Forest

British weatherproof: when British summertime arrives and the heavens open, rain never stops play at Haldon Forest Park. Puddles for splashing – check. All weather trails for year-round walking and cycling – sorted. Cafe open daily for a warming hot chocolate – of course! Pull on your wellies and head to the forest to make sure no hour of your holiday is wasted.

Staying dry at Haldon Forsest

Check out Haldon Forest Park on your next South Devon break.

If you run out of time to visit the forest during your holiday, why not stop for lunch and a leg stretch on the way home? Haldon Forest Park is the most scenic refreshment spot along the A38 and only 2 minutes’ drive from the Haldon exit – simply follow the brown signs.




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