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Devon's Strongest Man & Woman competition is back for 2024 (17th August) and being hosted at Trago Mills, Newton Abbot. Based on the famous TV show ‘World's Strongest Man’ whose previous winners include Geoff Capes and Eddie Hall, Devon's Strongest Man & Woman aims to find the strongest people in the county with incredible tests of strength such as the deadlift and atlas stones.

Free admission on the gate - the competition promises to be a fantastic day out for the whole family as there will be the strongman events on show, music, children’s entertainment, and even a BBQ.

The event will be in aid of charity St. Giles Trust (registered charity no. 801355), a fantastic organisation that helps young people to avoid the perils of gangs and county lines exploitation by offering a more positive future.

If you are interested in competing to see if you are the strongest man or woman in Devon, registration is now open for the following classes:

· Women's Novice

· Women's Open

· Men's Novice

· Men's Open under 100kg

· Men's Open over 100kg

The five events to decide the winners are as follows:

· Maximum Axle Deadlift

· Fingal's Fingers

· Hercules Hold

· Conan's Wheel

· Stone Medley

Event 1, Maximum Axle Deadlift, is simply who can lift the most weight from the ground on a thick axle style bar. This isn’t your average gym deadlift! Next is the Fingal’s Fingers which involves flipping giant telephone poles end over end, very taxing on the arms and shoulders. After that there will be the Hercules Hold where competitors test their grip by holding two handles loaded with weight. They must endure the strain for as long as they can hold on. Conan’s Wheel is next and gets its name from the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Much like Arnold’s hero, the athletes must walk with a wheel around a circle until their lungs, hamstrings and back can take no more, maximum distance wins. Finally, the competition finishes on a combination of spherical atlas stones and oddly shaped natural boulders, whoever can lift the whole set to their shoulder or onto a barrel in the quickest time.

Devon’s Strongest Man & Woman is organised by the family-run events company Mammoth Strength Club, who host similar competitions throughout the year. To find out more about Devon’s Strongest or the other events, follow @mammoth_strength_club on Instagram.

Whether you're a fan of strength sports or simply looking for an exciting day out, this event is not to be missed. Mark your calendars and witness the raw power of Devon's strongest competitors!

Email at to discuss registration or corporate sponsorships/donations for the event 🦣💪

(This fundraising event is organised by Mammoth Strength Club. All profits of the event will go to St Giles Trust. St Giles Trust has no responsibility for any liability which may arise from this event)




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