The Big Bark 2024

Date and Venue:

5th May, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet

A Pawsitively Perfect Day Awaits!

As the month of May draws near, excitement reaches a fever pitch for a day filled with wagging tails, furry companions, and boundless excitement at A Doggy Day Out's The Big Bark! Taking place at the picturesque Bath & West Showground, this event is not just about celebrating dogs – it's about celebrating the joy they bring into our lives. Get ready for a day packed with adventure and delight that you won’t want to miss!

Picture-Perfect Setting:

Imagine sprawling grassy lawns where families gather for picnics, the tantalising aroma of street food drifting through the air, and the joyful chorus of barks echoing in the distance. Bath & West Showground provides the perfect backdrop for our demonstrations, activities, and stalls, ensuring an ideal blend of entertainment and relaxation for all our visitors. With ample parking and level access, accessibility is guaranteed for every member of the family, furry or otherwise.

Learning and Bonding:

At The Big Bark, we believe in fostering strong bonds and promoting learning opportunities with our beloved four-legged friends. Our experts cover everything from obedience and wellbeing to training and diet, offering invaluable insights and answering your burning questions. It's a chance for every 'hooman' to leave with newfound knowledge and confidence, strengthening the bond with their furry companions.

Charity Dog Show:

Prepare for the highlight of the day – our charity dog show! With classes tailored to suit every breed and temperament, it's a chance for our canine companions to strut their stuff and compete for the coveted title, all while supporting worthy causes close to our hearts.

Puppy Zone:

For our youngest canine pals, the puppy zone awaits! This safe haven offers a space for exploration, socialisation, and essential training games, providing an opportunity for pups to learn and grow alongside their ‘hoomans'.

Interactive Fun for Everyone:

The excitement continues with our lineup of interactive activities designed to get tails wagging and hearts racing! From Agility and Hoopers to Flyball and scent work, there's something for every duo to enjoy together, regardless of size or breed. And for those seeking an extra thrill, the scurry park awaits, offering a test of skill and agility for dogs of all backgrounds.

Join the Pack:

At The Big Bark, we're more than just an event – we're a community united by our love for dogs. It's a place where dog lovers from all walks of life come together to celebrate their shared passion, forging friendships that last a lifetime.

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