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As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be fitting to cap it off with a fun quiz about our captivating region! The quiz questions draw from details scattered across our 2023 blog posts, so if you've been following along, you should fare quite well. 

Feel free to print out this page, gather some friends, or simply grab a pen and take notes. We hope you enjoy, and of course, no cheating allowed!

1.    In what year did William the Conqueror try to take Exeter?

a)    1066

b)    1076

c)    1086 

2.    Tunes on the Sands took place in July, but on what South Devon beach?

a)   Dawlish Warren Beach 

b)   Blackpool Sands

c)   Wembury Beach 

3.    The Exe Estuary is approximately how many miles long?

a)    4 miles

b)    6 miles

c)    8 miles 

4.   Hemerdon House near Plymouth was built in what century?

a)   17th

b)   18th

c)   19th 

5.    Paignton Zoo is spread over how many acres? 

a)   70

b)   80

c)   90 

6.    Powderkeg Brewery is located in which South Devon village?

a)    Woodbury Salterton

b)    Branscombe

c)    Ashprington

7.    Pennywell Farm is arguably best known for which of the following animal experiences?

a)    Otter feeding

b)   Tarantula meet

c)    Piggy cuddles

8.    Circa is a restaurant at what South Devon vineyard?

a)   Sandridge Barton

b)   Lyme Bay Winery

c)   Old Walls Vineyard 

9.    John Hawley, a pirate of the middle ages was mayor of Dartmouth how many times?

a)     6

b)    10

c)    14 

10.   Who is the chef/patron of Lympstone Manor?

a)    Rick Stein CBE

b)   Michael Caines MBE

c)    Mitch Tonks 

11. The original Abbey on the site of Buckfast Abbey was founded in what year?

a)    1018 AD

b)    1028 AD

c)    1038 AD 

12.  What beach did Agatha Christie supposedly claim was her favourite sunbathing spot?

a)    Meadfoot Beach

b)    Elberry Cove

c)    Churston Cove 

13.   Hopes Nose on the English Riviera is recognised as what type of area?

a)    Local Nature Reserve

b)    Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

c)    Marine Nature Reserve

14.   The Grade II listed Plymouth Lido was built in what year?

a)    1915

b)    1925

c)    1935

15.   Bygones is a popular attraction in Torquay. It’s home to a replica street of what era?

a)   Tudor

b)   Georgian

c)   Victorian 

16.   Which famous author stayed in the building which now houses Dartmoor Visitor Centre in Princetown?

a)    Jane Austen

b)    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

c)    Agatha Christie 

17.   Paignton’s historic pier stretches how far out to sea?

a)    240 metres

b)    340 metres

c)    440 metres 

18.   Simmons Park is located in which West Devon town?

a)    Okehampton

b)    Tavistock

c)    Moretonhampstead 

19.   Exeter’s Underground Passages were originally built for what reason during the 14th century?

a)    Take sewage away

b)    Bring in fresh water

c)    To smuggle contraband 

20.   Historically, Tiverton was primarily known for it’s production of what?

a)    Woollen Cloth

b)    Silk

c)    Linen 

21.   In what year did the Teignmouth Riots occur?

a)    1588

b)    1688

c)    1788

22.   Smeaton’s Tower is located in which South Devon city?

a)    Exeter

b)    Truro

c)    Plymouth 

23.   What is Dartmoor Brewery’s flagship beer called?

a)    Shingle Bay

b)    Gold

c)    Jail Ale 

24.   The Tar Barrels are a famous Devon event, but in which of the following towns does it take place?

a)    Ottery St Mary

b)    Sidmouth

c)    Honiton 

25.   Wistman’s Wood is an ancient woodland in what South Devon area?

a)    East Devon National Landscape

b)    Dartmoor National Park

c)    Blackdown Hills National Landscape 

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