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South Devon is known for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, and over 120 miles of stunning coastlines. With so much to offer for the residents, South Devon is often considered to be one of the best counties to visit and live in England.

When you live in a place as beautiful as South Devon, the thought about outdoor activities is natural. If you are fond of outdoor activities, you will be happy in South Devon. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are plenty of activities to fit the needs and interests of every resident. 

Keep on reading to learn more about outdoor activities in South Devon.

Visit a Golf Course

If you are an avid golfer, being in South Devon can be your opportunity for an exceptional experience. Golfing with the right golf cart accessories in South Devon is not just about who completes the round with the least nett strokes. A bigger part of it is also enjoying the spectacular views this county has to offer. 

This county has several golf courses with awe-inspiring views. There are many golf courses to choose from, including peaceful inland courses like Dartmouth Golf and Country Club. You can visit any of these golf courses to be mesmerized and inspired.

Here are some of the best golf courses you can visit in South Devon.

- Dartmouth Golf & Country Club

- Churston Golf Club

- Wrangaton Golf Club

Visit the Zoo

Thinking about the best outdoor activities, especially when with children, can be a challenge on its own. If you ask fellow parents for the best suggestions, all may recommend visiting the zoo. Luckily, South Devon has more than 19 zoos for you to have a great time,

Zoos provide children with an opportunity to see animals in their natural environment. Visiting zoos in childhood also helps children develop compassion and empathy. It can be an ideal combination of education and enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Here are some of the best zoos and petting farms you can visit in South Devon.

- Paignton Zoo 

- Wildwood Escot 

- Pennywell Farm

- Dartmoor Zoo

Cycle in Nature

South Devon is famous for its natural beauty and scenic views. If you are an avid appreciator of nature, you can agree that cycling is one of the best ways to explore natural beauty. Keeping this in mind, South Devon has a range of cycle trails for people of all ages and interests.

Cycling is a great way to enjoy the best heritage sites in South Devon fully. You can find a traffic-free route for afternoon rides that can bring you closer to nature. It is easy to find a track that suits the needs and interests of any group.

Here are some of the best cycling tracks you can visit in South Devon.

- Stover Country Park

- Haldon Forest Country Park

- Granite Way 

- Exe Estuary Trail

Try Water Sports

If you look for counties best known for water sports, you may not find any list without South Devon being mentioned. With 120 miles of coastline and several riverways, it can be hard to imagine such a beautiful place without any activities for water sports lovers.

You do not have to be a professional swimmer to enjoy water sports in South Devon. There are activities available for people of all ages and skill levels. Most of these sports are led by instructors so that you do not have to worry about anything.

 Here are some of the best places to visit for water sports in South Devon.

- Bantham Surfing Academy in South Devon 

- Singing Paddles in South Devon 

- Roadford Lake Activity Centre, Lifton


With the scenic views and welcoming people of South Devon, everyone can find their happy place here. It is an ideal place for you to unwind, go for an adventure, explore, and stay for as long as you want. Do not wait any longer. Plan an adventure to South Devon today!





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