Guest Blog Post - Milly Cooksley

A chance to experience the great outdoors is one of South Devon's illustrious strengths. There are plenty of activities and attractions which allow you the chance to be outside, take in the beautiful landscape and work off all that local cheese and ale in an enjoyable way! You will hopefully notice that throughout the more detailed posts that these activities are suitable for people of all capabilities, confidences and levels of fitness, so there should be nothing holding you back from trying out something new. You will likely have to contend with the British weather, but when it is on your side, be sure not to waste it! Here are some brief overviews of the activities I immersed myself in, which you can click on to read a more detailed blog post, should you find yourself intrigued and interested!


I hired a bike in Dawlish from a bike shop named Braking Winds, found in the town centre, and I cycled the popular route along the Exe Estuary. The price of the bike hire was very reasonable and the bike was mine for the day (or at least until the shop closed). This meant I could cycle as far and for as long as I wanted without worrying about the time.
The route itself is really clearly signposted so there is no danger of getting lost, the majority of the ride is flat, and you barely come in to contact with any traffic. Therefore cycling in South Devon is more than suitable for all abilities of cyclist of varying confidence levels. The bike ride itself is fun enough, and has lovely landscape views along the way, but if you require a little more persuading, there are a number of pubs en route which are great for a mid cycle pit stop.

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Walking is not necessarily at the top of everyone's 'most exciting things to do' list but there are a number of routes in and around South Devon that prove these assumptions wrong. My most memorable walk was the one around Becky Falls Woodland Park, a trail around a natural waterfall which gave me some of my most Instagram worthy snapshots and a fairly decent workout which I had not been expecting! Again, this activity is suitable for all abilities of walker, due to the choice of an easier or more challenging path. Entry into the park includes walking the different routes as many times as you wish and the chance to pet some rabbits and stroke some ponies and goats. An added bonus of going to Becky Falls is the drive over the moors to get there, where you are treated to some breathtaking scenery and the odd cow in the road.

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There are a number of water sports to try your hand at in South Devon, with a pick of lovely beaches at which to try them. I went kayaking on Teignmouth beach where Sea Sports Southwest are based. The team were really friendly and helpful, and despite having no kayaking experience, I felt totally at ease bobbing about in the sea. Wetsuits and life jackets are provided, and you are never far from land so there's no reason to let nervousness put you off! 

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About me:

My name is Milly, I am 22 years old and I am about to enter my final year of my undergraduate Sociology degree at the University of Warwick. Writing has always be an activity I enjoy, especially when it involves voicing my opinion and recounting notable past-times. Alongside this, I have always loved to travel, my passion for which was furthered during and since my year abroad in Copenhagen. Therefore I jumped at the chance to combine both these elements; to explore South Devon, write about the adventure I embarked upon and share with others. My blog posts aim to both entertain but more importantly, enlighten young adults about the fun, charm and memorable experiences that South Devon has to offer.




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