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The idea of going on holiday with your baby might seem almost laughable; after all, you still need to tend to your baby, do the night feeds and keep them occupied the entire time. Doing all this in an unfamiliar place can cause alarm sirens for many first-time parents. Although you might not be experiencing the same type of holiday you had pre-baby, it is possible to still enjoy your holiday. So, while you might have doubts or anxiety over the thought that you won’t be at home for a week or longer, with the following tips, you are sure to have a good time and still provide a good routine for your baby.

Stay in the UK

Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean jetting off to Spain or the Canary Islands or sailing across the English Channel to France; you can stay right here in Britain and explore what the UK has to offer. There are wonderful destinations that will be perfect for a family with a baby. One of the benefits of staying in the UK is that you can take as much stuff as you need to accommodate your baby, which can reduce the stress you might be feeling.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Choosing your accommodation is vital to you having a great time. First of all, you need to ensure that it is family-friendly. Can they provide a travel cot? Or a highchair? Is the accommodation easy to access with a pushchair? Is it close to tourist attractions, which would minimise the need to drive everywhere? You would also benefit from opting for accommodation that allows for self-catering, as opposed to a hotel. This will enable you to stick to your own schedule and not the hotels’. You can put your baby to bed at their usual time, bring out the baby monitor and enjoy dinner at your own pleasure.

Feeding time doesn’t have to be a problem

If your baby has just started baby-led weaning, you might be concerned about how you will continue your new feeding time routine while on holiday without any added stress. The solution lies with a highchair coverall bib with sleeves from Bibado. The bib straps to a highchair and will catch any stray food that falls from the baby’s hands. This reduces the need for a big clean up at the end of every meal. And when you return home, you can continue using it!

Consider going with others

If you are worried about going away, then consider inviting other people to join you on holiday. These could be close friends or family members. The great thing about this is that there will be an extra pair of hands or more to help, which allows you time to relax and rejuvenate. 

Think about how you will get around with your baby

Going on holiday doesn’t mean you will be staying inside the entire time unless the weather has another thing to say. Hopefully, you will be exploring the area, checking out the tourist attractions and finding family-friendly activities that are perfect for your child, such as zoos. But you can’t just rely on carrying your baby in your arms everywhere. You need to ensure that you have a baby carrier and a pushchair that is lightweight and can be easily folded away. This will make your holiday experience even better.


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