When it comes to embracing the beauty of nature and indulging in outdoor adventures, West Devon stands as an idyllic destination with a plethora of stunning parks to explore. From the wild and untamed landscapes of Dartmoor National Park to the peaceful havens of tranquillity nestled along the River Tamar, each park in this region holds a unique charm that captivates the hearts of both locals and visitors. 

In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the best parks in West Devon, where nature's treasures await at every turn.  

Dartmoor National Park  

A crown jewel of West Devon, Dartmoor National Park is a breathtaking expanse of rugged terrain, ancient woodlands, and impressive granite tors. Covering over 954 square kilometres, this expansive park offers a diverse range of landscapes, from heather-clad moors to deep river valleys and cascading waterfalls. Hikers and nature enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to explore the boundless network of trails, leading to iconic landmarks such as Haytor Rocks and the mystical Wistman's Wood. For a truly immersive experience, camp under the starry night skies and wake up to the call of the wild Dartmoor ponies grazing nearby.  

Simmons Park, Okehampton 

Simmons Park in Okehampton is a charming oasis of greenery and tranquillity nestled in the heart of the town. Spanning across lush acres, this well-maintained park offers a delightful escape for locals and visitors alike. The River Okement meanders through, adding to the picturesque setting. With a children's play area, inviting picnic spots, and serene walking trails, Simmons Park is the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature. Its strategic location, close to the town centre, makes it easily accessible, drawing people to its refreshing ambiance.  

The Meadows, Tavistock 

The Meadows in Tavistock is a picturesque green space within easy walking distance from the popular town centre. Nestled along the banks of the River Tavy, this expansive meadow offers a tranquil escape for residents and visitors alike. The gently rolling hills and lush grass provide an idyllic setting for leisurely strolls and picnics, while the children's play area and adjacent tennis courts offer plenty of entertainment. The Meadows is not only a place for relaxation but also a hub for community events and gatherings, with many annual fairs and festivals taking place on the green, fostering a sense of togetherness within Tavistock's charming setting. 

Tavistock Sensory Garden 

Well worth its own mention, Tavistock Sensory Garden is a haven of sensory delights, captivating visitors with its enchanting blend of scents, textures, and colours. Started in 2016 the garden is a joint initiative between Tavistock Town Council, Tavistock Lions Club, Tavistock Rotary Club, Roots to Transition and Tavistock Dementia Alliance. This beautifully designed garden provides a multisensory experience for all, including those with sensory impairments.  

Nestled within Tavistock, the gardens boast an array of fragrant flowers, soothing water features, and tactile plantings that invite exploration and relaxation. The carefully curated paths and seating areas allow visitors to immerse themselves in the serene ambiance while engaging their senses. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or a sensory adventure, Tavistock Sensory Gardens offer a rejuvenating escape amidst the natural beauty of this historic town. 

Roadford Lake Country Park  

For water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, Roadford Lake Country Park is a must-visit destination. This sprawling reservoir, set amidst 730 acres of parkland, provides the perfect setting for sailing, kayaking, fishing, and other water-based activities. The park's picturesque trails invite visitors to explore the lush surroundings, where the harmonious blend of water and greenery creates an oasis of serenity. Whether you're seeking an action-packed day on the water or a peaceful picnic by the lakeside, Roadford Lake offers something for everyone.  

Buckland Abbey Gardens  

For a more tranquil and refined park experience, Buckland Abbey Gardens offers a delightful escape. Originally a Cistercian monastery, the estate is now home to beautifully manicured gardens, historic buildings, and scenic views of the River Tavy. Stroll through the gardens, enjoy the colourful blooms, and uncover the rich history of this National Trust property. With various walking trails and plenty of benches to sit and reflect, Buckland Abbey Gardens is an enchanting place to spend a leisurely day immersed in natural beauty. 

West Devon's best parks are a testament to the region's unrivalled natural beauty and the diverse experiences it offers to all who venture here.  

Whether you're an intrepid explorer seeking rugged wilderness or a peaceful soul yearning for a moment of serenity, the parks in West Devon cater to every desire. From the windswept moors of Dartmoor National Park to the tranquil riverbanks of the Tamar Valley, each park is a treasure waiting to be discovered. So, grab your map, don your walking boots, and get ready to embark on a remarkable journey through the best parks that West Devon has to offer. 

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Dartmoor National Park
National Park
Family looking into the distance

Dartmoor National Park is one of the last great wildernesses in the UK with an inspirational landscape of heatherclad moors and rugged tors.

Simmons Park
Parks & Gardens
Simmons Park, Okehampton, Devon

Simmons Park is a beautiful meadow and garden situated in Okehampton.



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