South Devon is a treasure trove of natural beauty, adorned with magnificent tors, rugged cliffs, and verdant hillsides, all promising the potential for breath-taking vistas of this enchanting part of Devon.  

As you embark on a journey through South Devon, whether by foot, bicycle, or car, the thrill of discovering a new panoramic view awaits at every precipice.  

Below are just a handful of the region's most captivating viewpoints for you to explore. 

1. Start Point 

Nestled on the southernmost tip of Devon, Start Point beckons with its allure, offering a prime vantage point for spotting seals, dolphins, and other marine wildlife. The dramatic coastal views will leave you in awe, as you watch boats gracefully sail by or take a moment to visit the iconic Lighthouse

2. Snapes Point, Salcombe


Snapes Point in Salcombe is a hidden gem along the South West Coast Path, offering a serene escape amid lush woodlands and meadows. Visitors can savour sweeping views of the  Salcombe Estuary and the tranquil waters below, making it a tranquil spot for a leisurely stroll or a moment of quiet contemplation in the heart of this coastal paradise. 

3. Western Beacon 

Western Beacon, standing tall against the rugged terrain of Dartmoor National Park, is a prominent granite tor that graces the moorland landscape. With its commanding presence, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness and is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Dartmoor. You can even see the coastline from the top when looking towards Plymouth

4. Jubilee Gardens, Beer

Perched atop the headland in Beer, Jubilee Gardens provides an idyllic setting for a leisurely picnic. Take in the sweeping views of the pebble-strewn beach and the charming village below, creating a perfect moment of serenity. 

5. Haldon Forest 

Embark on the circular Butterfly Walk trail at Haldon Forest Park and be treated to mesmerizing vistas across the Teign Valley and the sprawling forest. Nature's grandeur awaits at every turn. 

6. Marine Drive, Bigbury on Sea 

While the view from the beach to Burgh Island is awe-inspiring throughout the year, consider settling into one of the benches along Marine Drive for an elevated perspective of Bigbury. From here, you can take in both the pristine beach and the enchanting island. 

7. Woodbury Castle 

A journey to Woodbury Castle, a prehistoric hill fort perched 175 meters above sea level, guarantees panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the picturesque Exe Estuary. Nature's canvas unfolds before your eyes. 

8. Mamhead Obelisk 

Traverse the tranquil Mamhead Woods to reach the site of the historic obelisk, erected in 1742 to guide mariners. From this vantage point, a sweeping panorama encompasses Exmouth, Starcross, and the city of Exeter in the distance. 

9. Sheeps Tor – View of Burrator Reservoir 

Conquer the heights of Sheeps Tor, commanding a mesmerizing view of the serene waters and the forested landscape encircling Burrator Reservoir. The reservoir's peaceful allure stands in stark contrast to the rugged moorland that envelops it. 

10. Smeaton's Tower, The Hoe, Plymouth


Climb to the lantern room of the iconic Smeaton's Tower, perched on The Hoe in Plymouth, and be rewarded with enchanting vistas of this historic maritime town. The past and present converge as you soak in the sights of Plymouth's rich heritage. 

In South Devon, each of these captivating viewpoints offers a unique perspective on the region's natural beauty, inviting you to explore and immerse yourself in its breath-taking landscapes. If you visit one of these viewpoints be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram using the tag @VisitSouthDevon!


Start Point Walk
Walking Route
Start Point Walk

Start Point is the most southerly tip of Devon, with stunning coastal scenery across Start Bay and lots of wildlife to spot, including seabirds and the odd seal.

Haldon Forest Park - Forestry England
Country Park/Nature Reserve
Haldon Forest Park


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