Discover the Best Crabbing Spots in South Devon

Crabbing has long been a cherished activity among both locals and visitors to the picturesque South Devon region. It's a common sight at harbours, where individuals of all ages can be found dangling their lines from the seawalls, hoping to catch a glimpse of these fascinating creatures. Young or old, crabbing in Devon is something everyone can enjoy! 

Whether you're seeking a friendly competition to see who can reel in the most or largest crabs, want to observe these creatures up close or simply looking for an affordable and enjoyable pastime, a trip to South Devon would be incomplete without a crabbing adventure!  

While there are numerous crabbing locations throughout Devon, we've handpicked our top favourites below. 

Dartmouth – The Embankment 

Nestled in the scenic South Hams district, Dartmouth exudes charm and allure. Renowned for its stunning harbour setting, this town is a must-visit destination in South Devon, especially for crabbing enthusiasts. Along the embankment, overlooking the mesmerizing River Dart and Kingswear, you'll find ample space to set up your crabbing gear while soaking in breathtaking views. 

Brixham – The Harbour 

For an authentic crabbing experience, look no further than the charming fishing town of Brixham. Its expansive and charming harbour offers plenty of room for both adults and children to enjoy this timeless activity. After a rewarding crabbing session, treat yourself to some of the finest fish and chips in South Devon, readily available at the town's celebrated eateries. 

TeignmouthRiver Beach 

Situated along the stunning South Devon coastline, the seaside resort of Teignmouth beckons with its vibrant atmosphere and scenic beauty. Head to Teignmouth River Beach, also known as Teignmouth Back Beach to the locals, for an idyllic crabbing spot. The tranquil surroundings, complemented by the sight of passing boats, enhance the enjoyment of this classic pastime. 

Stoke Gabriel – The River Dart 

Tucked away on a picturesque creek of the River Dart, the quaint village of Stoke Gabriel offers a serene setting for crabbing enthusiasts. While the village's rural charm may be overlooked by some, avid crabbers know better. Whether you choose to lower your line by the quay or along the shore, the nearby café provides a perfect spot to relax and refuel after an afternoon of crabbing. 

Axmouth Harbour 

At the mouth of the River Axe, you'll discover Axmouth Harbour, a hidden gem on the River Axe and near the coastal town of Seaton in East Devon. This tidal harbour provides an intriguing backdrop for crabbing, especially during high tide. After indulging in this timeless activity, take a leisurely stroll along the beach or unwind at a nearby café. 

No matter where you find yourself along the Devon coast, there's bound to be a spot perfect for crabbing. Embrace this delightful pastime but always remember to treat the crabs with care—regularly change the water in your bucket and avoid overcrowding.  

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